Product Integrity

"Each and every dollar we spend is a vote for, or against, the Earth."
Joseph Borkovic

The trading of eco-wares / green products - such as organic & fair trade items is the greatest economic act of non-violence available to consumers in the westernized World today.

Perhaps, if rather than the harmful exchange of wasteful products, companies like Organic Trader™ can make a difference by providing sustainable, smart, and environmentally savvy alternatives for purchases that deliver greater, whole value.

The customer can additionally experience genuine (benefit generating) commerce, and a deeper connection through each thoughtful consumer experience. Sustainable, green products are a catalyst for change, creating an awareness of the farther reaching relationship we have with all Earth Life.

The Change is Now, in Our Hands

Organic Trader™ products are created out of holding integrity & respect for ourselves and all inhabitants of this Earth. Deep wisdom may be found in observing Nature's relationships and laws.

To protect the Earth is to protect ourselves, our future. This is why all of our products must use Certified Organic, Biodynamic and Certified Fair Trade raw materials and ingredients, along with old fashioned, old world craftsmanship, all expertly combined lovingly by hand. Simply, this combination makes the highest quality products available. Why live any other way?


Know your NOs

Since the beginning, our family’s premium/organic formulations and blends employ very strict, sustainable guidelines:

  • NO Animal Testing
  • NO Animal Ingredients
  • NO Sulphates
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Mineral Oil
  • NO Propylene Glycol
  • NO Diazonial Urea
  • NO 4000+ toxic chems
  • NO Junk Ingredients

Click here for our “Unacceptables List” of Organic Trader™ & Earth Spirit™ banned ingredients listing (which you will never find in our formulations)

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