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But, why take a chance on anything ECO from our Earth Spirit™ catalogue?

Please allow us to brag a smidge, just for a moment... we have made eco-products for the Olympics Games, and also for the Hollywood movie sets. Yes, we could now drop famous names, but we're just bragging a bit, not totally gauche! So, if you don't totally, completely, head-over-heels, fantastically LOVE our products... well, we sincerely believe you will! Then we will get Joseph (the Founder) to walk naked through a ring of fire while carrying a Bengal tiger (but just don't tell him we said that, please... 'cause he'll probably try and do it. You know 60's hippies are crazy, right ?)

Since 1999, the Promise Joseph made to his son Zach, is still alive and well today. We are proud to offer to you, a new generation of eco-products.... proudly Canadian-made in North America's first sustainable EcoStar Green™ eco-manufacturing facility (with over 60 certifications)... along with our newest, eco-packaging: Rock-paper-Earth™ (no scissors) eco-labels... made with NO water, NO trees, NO bleach - no kiddin'!

To see a short video about The Promise and the dolphins, just click here.

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Some of our NEW poducts are now available, including:
* New, larger 16 oz baby product sizes

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